If you love object shows like some people, you may have seen this tweet by jacknjellify.

Upon reading it, I felt a mixed emotion of anxiousness and joy. Joy like object show fans and anxiousness like object show fanfic writers. Obviously I wish to congratulate Cary and Michael Huang on having to juggle college schedules and doing all the human work for a show inadvertently meant for nine-year-olds, but as someone who enjoys writing about the lives of two characters from said show for nine-year-olds, this leaves me with a few thoughts.

  • What if Jnj reveal someone contradictory to what the fans are thinking? As in, like, what if Match celebrates Christmas, or Pencil and Firey are married, or Spongy actually being relevant?
  • Will Showscape! cease to exist, if BFDIA really isn't cancelled? Does Pencil never see her husband and kids again?

But I shan't worry too much to you with tales of headcanon vs. actual canon, they say that the death of canon leads to rise of headcanon. And all we have to do is just wait and see.

Also I'll be back writing episodes as my AP test is finally done.

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