Yay, my first blog post!

But more important is today. Both the US and the UK have a day on November 11 to commemorate those who have fought in World War I and subsequent wars, whether in the former is living or the latter has passed on. Although I am a pacifist at heart, I do believe that we, as both a Briton and American, should, through honour or honor, remember the lives who were lost whilst defending their country, at a time where they could have done something also different with their lives.

Pen (RD)

Most object show creators don't usually make reference to the military or a feeling of national pride, considering object shows are unintentionally focused on zany contests and meme-y faces, not characters themselves. Yet in my role as possibly one of the founding fathers of object-based sitcoms, it is my duty to recognise that there are people out there who actually do care about making our lives in a better state than if they weren't there. This is why I made Pen, one of the most nonviolent out of all people, willingly join the Kenyan Army as an officer in my last story.

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