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    Yeaaaah, before we break up and you lose me, little me, the liar ball you don't want... See? You can sing the song with that title! Anyways, I was a little apprehensive to see an episode come out after two weeks. There seems be a trend where the even-numbered episodes are pure object show gold and the odd-numbered episodes are

    Before I make someone cry for some reason, here's the episode!

    Pre-Credits Gag: We first hear some fucked up sounds when it's revealed that it is the laughter of the contestants playing with these weird semi-spheres. Well, playing is an exaggeration. The whole thing happens in like ten seconds and you can feel that you're in another dimension. Also, the old animation is back! People are now going to remember the style of…

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    ... in the entire BFDI, BFDIA, IDFB and BFB series?

    I recorded the number of syllables spoken in BFDI, BFDIA (including the episode 6 deleted scenes), IDFB and BFB and ranked them in a cumulative way. But I also took out all of the non-contestants on the show (including the BFDIA characters' rankings when they were on the show. Note that I won't be updating this graph as I do with the BFB rankings, but I might make one at the end of it.

    1. Leafy (since ep. 9)
    2. Pencil (#1 in only IDFB and BFB ep. 1)
    3. Golf Ball (very likely to reach 2 or even 1 in BFB)
    4. Coiny (until ep. 22 and after BFDIA 5e, ranked higher than Firey)
    5. Bubble (top 10 since ep. 9)
    6. Match (has never ranked under #7; #1 in ep. 8)
    7. Pin (#1 from ep. 1B to 4, out of top 10 from ep. 13 to BFB 3)
    8. Firey (top…

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    Hooray, it's out! For some reason, I have really been anticipating this episode. My initial reaction to the title is “No shit.” Four has been so weird that it's impossible that he can get weirder in our eyes.

    Pre-Credits Gag: We first start this episode with a Yellow Face advertisement. Good, Yellow Face is back! He actually hasn't had any lines since the second episode. To be fair, neither has Teardrop. Four interrupts the earmuffs and screeches in them, which seems really rude. Then Four dismembles Foldy into nothingness and kills Stapy rhythmically.

    The balls of Team Better Name notice that, and Golf Ball proposes that they should multiply Four by zero in order to make zero. It's mathematics, in case you were wondering. They cut to the intr…

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    18–19 January Update

    The first episode (review) of 2018 is out! I'm almost excited, but not as excited as I would have been had the Internet not been down. This might be the longest interval between the episode release date and its review, unfortunately, but that will hopefully change in the future—as with the speed of my computer. Whilst you were all waiting, though, have you watched the new Inanimate Insanity? One of my favourite parts of that episode was when This is just another step in the progressive direction of object shows since the summer of 2016 when Pen was revealed to be transgender! But seriously, on to the episode.

    First of all, we start off with the title. Who the hell is Ben?, thought I, but that's not the most shocking part…

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    Merry Christmas 2017!

    December 25, 2017 by Yterbium

    It's December 25th again, which means it's time for my yearly address to the wiki!

    2017 was a crazy year. Although the first part of the year was pretty boring in terms of object shows: we were awaiting IDFB 2 and many object shows were on hiatus (including this one), the year ended up well for us: I found an easier way to transfer scripts from the phone to the computer, I don't actually fear typing profanity into episodes anymore, and of course the existence of BFB with all of the BFDI(A) contestants and then some.

    So, to everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and I look forward to what 2018 will bring.

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