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    IDFB isn't cancelled

    December 11, 2017 by Pen island123

    I was just scrolling through tumblr, like I usually do, and I found a ray of hope for IDFB's continuation. It seems like isn't actually over.

    I feel like this is solid evidence because troosy, the user who made that reply, is none other than Kenzie Bryant. In case you haven't heard, she is one of the voice actors of BFB. That means she's close with Michael and Cary, and can get god knows how much information she wants.

    However, I don't 100% trust this because we all know jacknjellify isn't so good at promises. IDFB and BFB running at the same time is going to cause some complications. Of course, I wouldn't be disappointed if this tiny confirmation ended up being another let down. I would understand the struggle. I'm just saying that we might …

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    Can you believe it? It's finally going to be released on September first! They even made an animation! Well, the animation and mouth assets looked...different, but I don't care about that. I'm really excited for this episode, after three years of anticipation.

    The video can be found here:

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