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  • Nomen Melior Quam Illo
8-Ball, Basketball, Blocky, Golf Ball, Grassy, Robot Flower, Tennis Ball, TV
  • Bīpu
Balloony, Cloudy, David, Leafy, Nickel, Roboty, Rocky, Woody
  • Bŭre
Book, Dora, Gaty, Ice Cube, Lollipop, Saw, Taco, Teardrop
  • Prevenzione della Morte e Creazione della Fiducia
Black Hole, Bottle, Liy, Pen, Pie, Pillow, Remote, Tree
  • Ta'am Madjânî
Bell, Eraser, Foldy, Fries, Marker, Puffball, Stapy, Yellow Face
  • Ianza
Bubble, Fanny, Flower, Lightning, Match, Pencil, Ruby, Snowball
  • Die Mannschaft von Karoline
Barf Bag, Bomby, Bracelety, Donut, Firey Jr., Gelatin, Naily, Spongy
  • La Perdantoj
Cake, Clock, Coiny, Eggy, Firey, Loser, Needle, Pin