Pencil 2.0: Ageless is a spin-off of Pencil 2.O, created by NLG343. It's set to Pencil 2.0 Season 1-3, which the entire series would stay like that, meaning that the main charecthers of Pencil 2.O are back to teens again.



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Season 1: 2016–presentEdit

Cast and charactersEdit

The cast of this show is similar to Pencil 2.O, although some characters exist on this show and not on the other one and vice versa.

Other mediaEdit


The series, had it been animated, uses many types of songs from a variety of sources. Several music libraries are used, with an estimated 65% in the series coming from APM Music, 20% are Kevin MacLeod's Royalty Free Music (as customary with all object shows) and 20% coming from either other companies or original in its entirety.

The theme is Hawaiian following the example of SpongeBob SquarePants, a show which used the APM library (moreso in the earlier episodes), rather than Kenyan music, since there are at least seven times more Hawaiian songs in the libraries than there are of Kenya. However, the show also incorporates many other types of cultures into its musical score.

There are also original songs created by the creator himself, mostly for the characters. There is usually one original song per episode. Actually, scratch that. It depends on the episode.

Video gamesEdit


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