This page is a showcase of all of the associated production music in Pencil 2.O that start with the letter Q.

Pencil 2.O Production Music Indices

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Queen's Aloha OeEdit

Queen's Aloha Oe was composed by Kapono Beamer, originally Queen Liliuokalani. There are two versions, of varying tempos.

Queen's Aloha Oe BEdit

Queen's Aloha Oe CEdit

Quirky DogEdit

Quirky Dog was composed by Kevin MacLeod.

  • Welcome Back - "Well, obviously you bring Snowball out first."

Quiz Logo 1Edit

Quiz Logo 1 was composed by Dave Hewson.

  • Vomitaco - The contestants guess what the contest is.

Quiz OrganEdit

Quiz Organ was composed by Curtis Schwartz.

Quiz Organ AEdit

Quiz Organ BEdit

Quizzical Bridge 6Edit

Quizzical Bridge 6 was composed by Harry Bluestone.

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