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Original prefaceEdit

Here is all the music that would be used in Before BFDI if it were animated. The Pencil 2.O series in general uses a lot of music borrowed from the series SpongeBob SquarePantsI'm surprised most object shows don't do this! The closest I've found is an episode of Object Redundancy playing "Grass Skirt Chase" before one of the arguments. (sixteen years and they still have amazing music!) as well as original tracks and music by Kevin MacLeod (because, y'know ...)

Day 1Edit

Happy Sponge Chase Vibes NC [title card]
Solo Steel 2 SGJW [that morning]
Dirgey SM [Detention]
The The Sting JW ["So we can be bored?"]
Goofy Conversation BANC ["Okay, why hisn't Match 'ere?"]
Synopsis F. Harlow ["How I love fer a bad boy!"]
Drama Link K HC ["Ow! You monsters!"]
Sponge Monger SGJW [the big fight]
Drama Link O HC [Ruby cries]

Day 2Edit

City Dash H. Lubin [beginning of scene]
Coming of Spring M. Revell [atom zoom]
Sounds of Science 2 J. Mundigl [Apothecary]
Seaweed SB ["Mum! I need yer 'elp."]

Day 3Edit

Four Beers' Polka [at school]
Dance Macabre K. Mansfield [Match enters sick]
Drama Link B HC [Match enters sick]
Dramatic Cue F RH [Match wrestles Pen to the ground]
Super Friendly [Mrs. Chembe arrives from America]
Horlepiep JR [substitute]
Astronauts March SS [Submarine enters]
Drama Link 6 NCSM [Blocky insults Submarine]
Hawaiian Link A RM [Submarine runs away crying]

Day 4Edit

Saxaboogie HB [Pencil and Match exit the classroom]
Tragic Bridge 2 PG [BFDI Fairy enters]
Evil Mind 3 DDB [Pencil and Match stare at each other in horror]
Steel Sting JW ["Yeah, let's invite them all."]
Surfin' Fun G. Maclean, B. Ryder [at Haroldine's]
Hello Blues SGJW [the Alliance walks back to school]
Klezmer Song J. Vogel [the kids prepare for Hanukkah]
Arpeggiated Links JW [Kat flusters]
Dramatic Cue D RH [Eraser growls on the couch]
Hawaiian Tracks 2 SGJW [on the streets of Nairobi]
Down by the Riverside J. Burnham, S. Wade [Orange Ball's house]

Day 5Edit

Vibe Q Sting NC [a sign appears out of nowhere]
Mrs. Chembe approaches the girls drunk.
Take a pair of sparkling eyes G&S ["Prepare for BFDI!"]
Towerstreet 17 [#10] GN [Orange Ball's house]
Menace [#42] HBEC [everyone turns towards Pencil]
Washing Gary Sting JW ["The stage directions!"]
Real Western Steel B. Black ["Everyone, I'm back!"]
List and learn G&S [sting at the end]

Day 6Edit

Lite Conversation BA [beginning, at school]
Drama Link D HC ["You get a zero."]
Cierre Bob Esponja SB [Pencil walks with the alliance]
Tickly Sting JW [Book walks away]
Drama Link 6 NCSM ["Omg, really?"]
Freezy Squid Link JW ["Oh, what have I done ..."]
Gator SB [the alliance enters Match's house]
Drama Link C HC ["The party!"]
"Hey, can you put it up more?"
Evil Mind 8 DDB ["I thought I heard a wire break."]
Lap Steel SGJW ["Done!"]
BFDI Episode 4 Fanfare Jacknjellify [the girls all cheer]

Day 7Edit

Cartoon Sting 1 BASM ["So wot did yer parents says ..."]
Abject Terror P. Lewis [during the fight scene]
Drama Link N HC ["Thank you so much!"]
Gum Link JW ["No, she didn't graduate."]
Moon Walk J. Fox ["She. Dropped. Out."]
Steel Sting Beta JW [most of the gang members drop out of school]
Bite Sting JW ["I don't want to drop out."]
Drama Link A HC [Pen and Eraser enter a dark home]
Arpeggiated Links JW [girls go upstairs]
Dramatic Cue E RH [Match screams]
House of Horror [#10.05] WMF [Flower shows the diary]
Paradise Isle JR [Match discovers her birth records]
Hilo Rag G. Fletcher [Book's camp friends appear]
Steel Licks JW [everyone exits with Katarzyna crying]
On the Beach KB [on the streets]
Aloha Oe GK [Hawaii]
Fates GN [Tanzania]
Arpeggiated Links JW [Pencil runs to her house]
Cream Pie SGJW [montage of finding the street]
Funeral March OS [the funeral home]
Kurtunonndikis sung by L. Rhein
Idiot Links SGJW ["Do we, like, have to walk ..."]
Hawaiian Party P. Dennis ["Did someone ask for a ride?"]
Down by the Riverside J. Burnham, S. Wade [Caldera answers the door]
Mission Improbable BA [everyone is lost]
Neapolitan Song M. Francis ["'E cheats, 'e lies ..."]
On the Beach KB ["I'm afraid of the dark!"]
Lonely Stranger LJ [abandoned house]
The Grinder R. A. Krueger [Blocky's party]
Hawaiian Link B RM ["It seems they don't need me!"]
Hawaiian Happiness J. Jelmer [Kat arrives]
Classic Soap 14 D. Reith [plays during "Amor Terrible"]
Lovely Hawaiain Sting SGJW [Kat is sleeping]
Saxaboogie HB [sting at end]

Day 8Edit

Ranz des Vaches [Nelson waks up]
Dramatic Impact 6 IS [Nelson screams]
Cartoon Sting 1 BASM ["Do you see the darkness?"]
Drama Link D HC [Trophy yells]
Drama Link 6 NCSM ["It's the las' straw!"]
Jazzy Sting JW [Pencil calls her mother]
Holiday Playtime C. Palmer ["It's Portuguese ..."]
Stiff Upper Lip P. Kingsland [Coral and Book recite laws]
Police Car SS [Pencil calls the police]
Ramblin' Man from Gramblin' SS ["Freeze!"]
Drama Link H HC [Match isn't excused]
Dasadana Sting JW ["Don't ferget to recover Bubble."]
Goofy Conversation BANC [adults enter]
Botany Bay C RW [Match is at GB's office]
Finders Creepers P. Kingsland ["B ... F ... D ... I ..."]
Texas Sting JW [Mrs. Tannenbaum enters]
Hercule Poirot GT ["Explain it!"]
O Makalapua B KB [Kat interrogates her sons]
Shiny Tech I [Pen drives Pencil home]
Shiny Tech II [Estigua drives her younger children home]
Real Western Steel B. Black [Pencil meets her family at home]
Mirage [the UFO lands on earth]

Day 9Edit

Best Endeavours A. Hawkshaw ["This just in."]
Alekoki KB ["And that's why you should never ..."]
Shock C. J. Bolten ["A thing that many people are not aware ..."]
Jazzy Sing JW [Estigua vomits]
Spanish Ladies B R. J. Jeffrey, T. Laycock ["'Ey, mum."]

Day 10Edit

Dramatic Cue D RH [Pencil screams]
Dramatic Cue E RH [Nelson screams]
Bad Tempi 1 The Masters of Trash, J. Hodge [at the pharmacy]
Bad Tempi 2 The Masters of Trash, J. Hodge [at the pharmacy]
New Friendly ["Wait, why're'ee drivin' to school?"]
Idiot Links JW ["So dark. Yet so light."]
Disneyland SF [Match gets liberated]
Dramatic Impact 5 IS ["Other girls?"]
Wooden Bear G. Flat, T. Tape, F. Voelxen [at football signups]
Finger of Fear F. Bayco ["Get yer cap 'ere ..."]
Here Comes the Band! B DSW [meanwhile, with the rest of the alliance]
Sitar Statement B DSW [Indian Cultures Club]
Scale Link JW [Book signs up]
Fight! Fight! Fight! A W. Schaefer ["Wait!"]
Organ Filler ["Omg, who is she?"]
Dramatic Sea Battle GT ["I'm gonna get you ..."]
Organ Filler ["... and the Zzyzx Roadrunners' Club."]
Footsteps of Horror [#10.02] WMF [Lola knocks down several people]
House of Horror [#10] WMF [Lola breathes heavily]
Happy Jose U. Wenzel ["Omg, thet TV's playin' me favourite show!"]
Menace from the Deep R. Cornford [Lola breathes heavily]
Pixel Peeker Polka (faster version) [TV World]
Nostalgic Licks JW ["Wait, don't go yet!"]
'Cause It's Dream Island! sung by Mike, Crystal, Claire, Julia, Lauren, Mel, Ray, Rich
Legends of Hollywood R. Goodwin [everyone applauds at the end]
Grass Skirt Chase SGJW [chaos]
Hawaiian Holiday KB [Pencil and Pen see Football]
I cannot tell what this love may be G&S [Leafy sings this]
Lite Conversation BA ["Hey!"]
Cocktail Lounge DSW [Pencil and Pen are alone]
West Side Rumble SS [Estigua runs out]
Pell-Mell SS [the Gang chases everyone]
Hawaiian Link B RM [a few minutes later]
Closing the Door NC ["From the gang."]
Royal Hawaiian Hula KB ["I still don't get wot'e BfDI means."]
Tension Bits SGJW ["Quick! Hide!"]

Day 11Edit

Goofy Conversation BANC ["Who's that?"]
Spanish Ladies B R. J. Jeffrey, T. Laycock ["Omg, he spelled my name wrong!"]
Footsteps of Horror [#11.02] WMF ["Er … Pencil?"]
Hyperventilation C. J. Bolten ["OMG, it's you!"]
Dream Sequence D. Hewson ["Get off me!"]
Hawaiian Breeze J. Jelmer [flashback]
Bumbling B B. Gesell [Paper appears in his new form]
Goro Goro Ne GK ["It's you!"]
Laughing Sting SGJW [Match and Sword scream together]
Nude Sting NCSGJW [the rest of the alliance is gone]
Cartoon Sting 1 NCSM ["Sword … Sword … Sword!"]
Befuddled Gent PG [Pencil reads the letter]
Cartoon Sting 6 NCSM ["But I love him!"]
Sailor Sting 15 (part 3) MBNC ["That's ridiculois and prepoisterous!"]
Sailor Sting 15 (part 1) MBNC ["This whole BFDI conversation's got to, like, go."]
Real Star Sting JW ["The one you just lost?"]
Tension Bits SGJW ["Get BFDI!"]
Penny Sting JW ["Match, you've got to stop thinking about Sword."]
Lap Steel NCSGJW ["We lost the game."]
Fig Leaf Times Two ["No, no, please don't get me!"]
Mirage [Match at Ruth's Therapy]
Mists of Illusion G. Vinter [Ruth gets a pocket watch]
Steel Sting Gamma JW ["Now goodbye!"]
Tragic Bridge 2 PG ["Abandoned places freak me out!"]
Drama Link F HC [they all scream]
Jaunty Gumption [the girls talk about the party]
Hawaiian Link A RM [Pencil gradually falls asleep]

Day 12Edit

Fates GN ["Ele ainda está lutando na guerra."]
Answery Sting JW ["You're not the same as dad!"]
Saxaboogie HB ["Omg, where are they?"]
Break-Thru G. Mills ["Firey, I can surf better than you!"]
Tiki Rapido L. Wendeling ["I'm going to win this!"]
Beach Party HB ["So, my American friend, what do you say we do a little thing I call … suntan?"]
Surf Buggy The Surfdusters [played during the surfing competition]
Sponge Monger SGJW ["Roar!"]
Move Forward ["Hey, viewers."]
Wooden Bear T. Tape, F. Voelxen, G. Flat ["We have to find out wot time the parade is."]
Royal Hawaiian Hula KB ["No fair!"]
The The Sting SGJW [Match faints]
Hawaiian Holiday KB ["Announcer powers!"]
Folli the Foal A. Fenner ["Hello, Sword-san."]
Drama Link B HC ["Umm … why am I here?"]
Tomfoolery D. Snell ["We know your records and they all say you're a good kid."]
The Pollywog Strut BA [tin can telephone]
Glissando A RM, S. Kanga [¿Quieres casarte conmigo?]
The Pollywog Strut BA [キリス・カサッテ・クミコ?]
Mists of Illusion G. Vinter [flashback: "Beware, for when I say utekonom …"]
Tension Bits SGJW [Match bellows Sword's name]
Der Kleber Sting [Match screams]
Trafficscape E. Winstone ["Book says things, 'xcept fer me who has to represent the K?"]
Goofy Converstion BANC ["Oh, great, I'm alone with Match."]
Nude Sting NC ["... this lovesick hormone-addled fresa!"]
Gum Link JW [the bleachers finally are assembled]
Kenya A, or; Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu G. Hyslop, G. W. Senoga-Zake, T. Kalume, P. Kibukosya, W. Omondi ab. A. Kluten [national anthem]
Wellington's Victory-Rule Britannia L. Van Beethoven [the songs played by the Mombasa SO]
The Thunderer March J. P. Sousa ab. 1890 ["Exucse me, but what is that?" (choosing an American song for a Kenyan patriotic day was not a good idea in hindsight)]
Countdown to the parade.
Very Low Note ["Once upon a time, 44 years actually today, the Republic of Kenya was created."]
Overture of "The Gondoliers" A. Sullivan ab. 1962 ["Calling all members of the Kwanzajinawa Opera Company!"]
List and learn G&S ab. 1927 [the curtain rises]
Once more gondolieri G&S ab. 1927 [the ending]
Skipping to School SGJW ["So, what do we have next?"]
Very Low Note ["And now..."]
The Grinder R. A. Krueger ["Hey, my child." (played really loudly as to not hear my non-insertions)]
Fight! Fight! Fight! A W. Schaefer ["The entrace of the object show hosts!"]
Stiff Upper Lip PK [played during Announcer's speak]
The Grinder R. A. Krueger [Suitcase enters (played really loudly as to not hear my non-insertions)]
E Tu E Taku Moemoea KB ["If you want an autógrafo from me, come here now!"]
Tympup C JFSaB ["What!?"]
Comic Walk S. Torch ["So ... d'zee wan' to go to me mum's car?"]
Hawaiian Link B RM ["Oh."]
Nostalgic Licks JW ["Omg, why does he have to go?"]
Stepping into Danger M. Sunderland ["I will stop this migration!"]
Airport Lounge [at the airport]

Day 13Edit

Mission Improbable BA ["It finally took, like, three supersonic planes to get here, but, like—"]
Dramatic Impact 5 IS [Sword screams]
Drama Link D HC ["Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"]
Comic Walk NC ["What are you doing in here?"]
Bicycle ["Students, I have a question."]
The Pirate's Waltz R. White [Pencil "proposes"]
Steel Sting JW [Pen hurries out of class]
Menace from the Deep R. Cornford ["Worship BFDI as your—"]
Attack T. Hymas ["Hold!"]
Frankenstein's Niece GN ["She is a monster!"]
Hawaiian Breeze JJ ["We're so sorry that we had to fire you."]
Happy Bee ["I am so happy right!"]
Idiot Licks SG [Nelson and Needle enter]
Fairies A J. Fox, OS ["I love'e!"]
Cocktail Lounge DSW [Pen enters]
Neapolitan Song M. Francis ["Uau, este lugar é fantasia."]
Santa Lucia T. Cottrau, S. Ferraresi [at Grandepiatto's]
The Mob SS ["Yo yo dude!"]
Scale Links SG ["Whaaaaat?"]
Tympup A SBJF ["Babies?"]
Toy Piano BANC ["Hoy, Pencil!"]
Pixel Peeker Polka (faster) ["And here's my date."]
Bashful Eyes KB ["Alright …"]
Hercule Poirot GT [in the car]
There Once Was a Boy sung by unknown
Hercule Poirot GT [Pen turns off the radio]
The Pollywog Strut NC ["Ugh, this place is so borin'!"]
Girls of Waikiki KB, M. Prindy ["Pencil, you are not acting right."]
Steel Sting Omicron2 SG ["Agh, I want Pen now!"]
Zelle 503 GT ["Shh!"]
Mission Improbable BA [Terry makes an announcement]
Dramatic Impact 6 IS [Terry notices the gang]
Death in the City J. Beaver ["There was a robbery?"]
Kamakani B KB ["I've eaten all the baby food!"]
Vibe Q Sting NC ["What is on your head?"]
Nude Sting NCSGJW ["'E's gone!"]
Parting of the Clouds NC ["I have the koiy to the TV!"]
Omnilink Sting JW [they all laugh]
Bumbling B B. Gesell [Pencil rewinds the TV]
Happy Birthday Pin sung by P. Nguyen
Lonely Violin DSW [Pin starts crying]
O Makalapua B KB [Pencil starts her speech]
Funiculi Funicula T. Thornton [Pen arrives at the restaurant]
Smoking Gun ["Alright, you can do this."]
Movie Overture LH [Pencil sees Pen]
The The Sting JW [Pen carries Pencil off]
Hide and Seek A. Wilkinson ["Hey, hey, be listening!"]
Awakening Memories P. Fenoulhet ["Isn't this date so romantic?"]
Sponge Monger SGJW [Rainbow Pen enters in great excitement]
Fashionable Encloure PG [Book describes Vietnam]
But who is this G&S [Ruby and Bubble question Rainbow Pen]
The Pollywog Strut BA ["Người đàn ông cảnh báo nóng!"]
Lovely Hawaiian Sting JW [Rainbow Pen divides himself]
Happy Choo Choo B OS [each girl gets a pen of varying hue]
Laughing Sting JW ["I'm loiving this car!"]
Wonderland of Snow T. Day [Kienyeji's Party Store]
The Tip Top Polka CFB ["Aww, you didn't 'ave to take off thet cat—"]
Captain Lenoe's M. Arthur, S. Ritchie, M. Graves, C. Cater, The, S. Graves, Unknown & Folk Players [Pencil and Pen kiss]
Hawaiian Link A RM [Bubble interrupts]
Wonderland of Snow T. Day ["Por favor, diga-nos o que aconteceu com a seção de decoração de Natal de sua loja."]
Fooling Around BA ["I moin, that a coirtain someone is coming, and it's … it's b-boist that you can go noiow to your—"]
Arpeggiated Licks JW ["It's true!"]
Tickly Sting JW [Fettuccine squirts water]
Terror A. Braden [all the pins run out]
English Tea Rooms J. Hawksworth [everyone laughs at Pen and Pencil]
Grass Skirt Chase SGJW ["Get out!"]
The Achterhoek Dances JR [Match notices Hoed]
Puaho'om Sting JW ["Now you notice it?"]
Hawaiian Train VC ["What are you doing?"]
Abject Terror P. Lewis ["We have to hurry up; Match will be here in thirty minutes!"]
Sweet and Lovely A. Braden ["… shipments have suddenly gone into the sky."]
Tipsy Turvy PG ["But you are Korean!"]
Animal Antics PG ["Why is there so much noise here?"]
Tomfoolery D. Snell [Estigua gets her products]
Hawaiian Beach P. Dennis [Match distributes the souvenirs]
Chief Taravana KB [Match and Pen's parents arrive]
Hawaiian Cocktail RM [Katarzyna and Aristotelis are no longer rich]
Zoom D DdB ["As the ancient Greek fathers did to their kids, you have given me no choice but to—"]
Laughing Sting JW [the girls laugh]
Poop Sting JW ["Oh Zeus, now we have no more money!"]
Idyll in the Clouds L. Philipp [golden tickets fall from the sky]

Day 14Edit

Electrodoodle ["Omg, so which [weɪlz]?"]
Seaweed SB ["Hey, where are you going?"]
Cierre Bob Esponja SB ["Have a terrible day."]
Moloka'i Nui A KB ["Yoylecake!"]
Pua Paoakalani B KB [Pencil cries]
Drama Link D HC ["It's a ghost!"]
Saxaboogie HB ["So, please tell us your name and where you're from."]
Downhearted Sting JW [Kat describes her dream]
Cartoon Sting 2 NCSM ["I don't know."]
Cartoon Sting 1 NCSM [there is a knock on the door]
Bite Link JW [the one at the other end of the door gets incinerated and teleported]
Sailor's Sting 10 SM [Pencil appoints positions for the party]
Evil Mind 8 DdB [countdown to the party]
Surf Buggy [the press raids the party]
Surfing Sponge BANC [everyone enters the house at once]
Cartoon Sting 4 NCSM ["Oictually, it's 6200!"]
Earl's Revenge SGJW [montage of Pen building]
Sunny Samoa JR ["Hoiy, Woird Coloired Dress!"]
Mamae Sting JW ["Aww, you can come in without any money!"]
Spazzmatica Polka ["An' she was like, "You can't do thet when you're allow'd ter—"]
Guaracha Senorita H. Pehofer ["Este livro é nojento!"]
Cartoon Sting 6 NC [Pin and friends enter]
Skipping to School SGJW ["Alright, the coast is clear everyone!"]
Hawaiian Happiness JJ ["All this walkin' is tirin'!"]
Drama Link I HC ["Hey, everyone!"]
Gator SB ["Our work 'ere is done!"]
Disco Con Tutti [Pen is nearly asleep]
Fates GN ["No, no, you don't understand!"]
Puka A SGJW ["Of course, anything for a Kenya Girl Guide!"]
Border Run The Surfdusters ["Haha, I entered for free!"]
House of Horror [#10] WMF ["Let us in or we'll kill you!"]
Dramatic Cue E RH [the Gang beat up Pen]
Evil Mind 8 DdB [the house's limit is breached]
Shiny Tech II [Ruby is dancing]
Cut and Dry [Hoed takes a selfie with Pen]
Comic Walk S. Torch ["Hold it right there!"]
Real Western Steel B. Black ["Hey, y'all!"]
Sunshine ["Hey, Pencil!"]
Royal Hawaiian Hula KB ["Why did they talk about school?"]
House of Horror [#10.05] WMF [Sword screams]
A Jolly Jaunt DSW ["I know!"]
Stealth by Night J. Coles [Match gets kidnapped]
House of Horror [#10.05] WMF ["Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"]
Dramatic Cue F RH ["Omg, wot should I do?"]
Viking Dawn D. Farnon [Latin chanting]
Steel Sting Beta JW [the Gang violently tear up the room]
Blumenlied G. Lange, arr. K. Ziegler & G. Kanzian ["Allo stato brado, gli esemplari maschi adulti raggiungono dimensioni imponenti, possono superare i 200 cm di altezza al garrese con una lunghezza di oltre 325 cm e pesano mediamente 1.000 kg, le femmine sono invece più minute e meno massicce, pesano mediamente 300 kg. La sottospecie domestica ha dimensioni decisamente inferiori: i maschi pesano dai 350 ai 580 kg e le femmine hanno un peso compreso tra i 225 e i 255 kg."]
Steel Sting Beta JW [the Gang violently tear up the room]
Drama Link B HC [the Gang of 8 get Diamond and Iron into the secluded area]
Alone in the Old House GN [Sword is in the attic]
Yuon Chaon A P. Paiboon ["I, BunBoHue, shall teach you the art of phoïsme."]
Mission Improbable BA ["Oh no."]
Lap Steel NCSGJW ["Ahh!"]
Farewell to the Islands KB ["Hey."]
Nostalgic Hawaii JR [Match enters in high spirits]
Steel Sting Alpha JW [Pen turns his back on Pencil]
Marvellous Singers M. Durst ["Hey, girls!"]
Fooling Around BA ["Okay, I said I'm sorry, like, fifteen times!"]
Dramatic Impact 1 IS ["What'ja say ya … imposter!"]
Stack of Leis KB [Pencil goes into her room]
Nautical Hijinx NC ["Well, this is easy!"]
Whisper from the Past GN ["Y'know, you shouldn't listen to what other people think about you."]
Hen Pecker The Surfdusters ["I'm comin'!"]
New Friendly [KM"Why am I following you?"]
Tension Bits SGJW ["Who d'ya think you are, tellin' us what to do?"]
Twelfth Street Rag SGJW ["Oh, it's on like ba-donk-a-donk!"]
Shiny Tech ["Oh, meu soldado galante voltou!"]
Ironical Sting JW [Pin answers the door]
Steel Link Beta JW ["Will you shut up?"]
Shock C. J. Bolten ["I got it."]
Answery Sting JW [Match rushes to Sword]
Curtain Raiser A. Braden [time resumes to real life]
Steel Sting JW ["Dad!"]
Dramatic Cue C RH ["Abracadabra!"]
Dance Macabre K. Mansfield ["Hold it, hold it right there!"]
Flop and Go A OS, D. Bell [the strange burlesque plays]
Drama Link C HC ["Okay, that tears it!"]
Mirage [Book recites in Latin]
Carpenter Sting JW ["That was not real magic, everyone."]
Drama Link D HC [they struggle in getting out]
Down in Davy Jones' Locker NC ["Nelson's volunteering!"]
Pua Licks JW [Nelson does not cooperate with Wasup's orders]
Vegas Glitz [the Pandilla leave]
Goofy Conversation BANC ["You, chief of security?"]
Dramatic Sea Battle GT [Triangle stands up]
Spongey Bubbles SB ["Yeah, amateur."]
House of Horror [#10.02] WMF [Nelson gets kidnapped]
Adventurers LH [Triangle enters]
Nude Sting NCSGJW ["Private Montserrat?"]
Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy R. White, T. Laycock [the Pandilla confess their true nationalities]
Fanfare NC ["Get your tanks off my lawn, hooligans!"]
Island Romance JR [Match cries]
Steel Sting Mu JW ["Aww, like, we don't even know what will come after the always!"]
Beach Party HB ["I can't believe we were defeated."]
Proud to Be a Fish BA [Triangle makes his very special announcement]
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow sung by the chorus ob. Trad.
Witty Fellow GT ["I specifically suggested that nobody give money."]
Sponge Monger SGJW [the house gets flooded]
Steel Licks Delta JW [Match holds on to the last of her gifts]
Dramatic Impact 2 IS ["Hold it!"]
Wooden Bear T. Tape, F. Voelxen, G. Flat ["You're not allowed inside of the premises."]
Hawaiian March S. Ohashi, Y. Miura [Pen teaches Nelson how to play football]
Dramatic Cue B RH ["Look out!"]
Hawaiian Link A RM [Nelson falls to the ground]
Mists of Illusion G. Vinter [Buddhist prayer for the dead]
Dramatic Cue A RH [Nelson screams]
Food Coma Sting JW ["Why did he run away from me?"]
Airs and Graces A PK [Book and Triangle talk about the alliance]
Spongeburglar NC ["Is she gone now?"]
Harp Ding NC [Pencil and Pen kiss]
Shock F D. Hewson [the lights turn off]
Lonely Heart's Club A OS, D. Bell [Triangle yells at the kids]
The Bachelor Life A LJ [Pencil watches TV]
Steel Sting Eta JW ["Aye, thet actually sounds like a good idea!"]
Alekoki KB ["Hoiy, who wants to ploy the rhoyme game?"]
Steel Licks JW ["I'll allow'e!"]
Solo Steel 4 JW ["Good night, everyone!"]